Tuesday January 22


January 22, 2013

Second church the Team visit was located in the city of Catargo. It  located at about 25 km east of the capital, San José. It is at an elevation of about 1435 m above sea level, at the base of the Irazú Volcano. The Children Ministry had a small open space in the back of the church. Because the room was small, it offered a certain advantage, since the children couldn’t run everywhere.  It was easier to keep their attention. Around 2:00 pm I felt a little discouragement, later I heard another missionary expressing the same idea at about the same time.  I was encouraged with my Spanish, even it was so minimal, because it seemed that I was starting to understand a few words here and there. Yet my level of communication was so insignificant. I taught a class on how to use the Wordless Book. Len told me that day that next Friday I would preach in prison; I felt nervous and intimidated about it. Milton the bus driver was very happy that I would go to preach in prison; he did share with me a little secret. That man knew how to encourage me, he told me that in three to four weeks I could express myself in Spanish. He was a real blessing to me. There I meet a doctor by the name Longworth, this reminds me of the missionary Jim Longworth that I replace in Kandi, Benin.

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