Monday January 21


January 21, 2013

This was our first day in of direct ministry; we went to a church know as the “Iglesia Verde” (the green church). There were three teams: Medical, Children, and Pastoral (myself). I get along very well with the bus driver named Milton. Since I had no translator appointed to help me, it was a bit intimidating to start talking to the people. Slowly I started by talking with the church people, a big difference is the youth. I made friend with a senior called Manuel, the level of communication was extremely basic. Thank God a few, especially among the young people were able to express in some English. So I hung around the seating area, prayed for the 3 evangelists; and gave a few Gospel tracts to children. Ruth was very busy with their first day of Children’s Ministry. It seems to have been a difficult day, because the whole team had to learn to work together; some dear ladies had enormous experience and the teenager had to learn to adapt very quickly. Not an easy period of time, but necessary. After God called each one of us to do “The Impossible”, so the Team had to learn a quick crash course on how to depend on God corporately. Now having the advantage of looking back, I have to admit that God did a super work in and through the Children’s Ministry team. I was able to give to the pastor a copy of the book  “The Stranger” written by John Cross translated into Spanish; he was obviously extremely happy. The medical team worked hard taking care of many patients. Without their work, I would have no people to minister to. It is a Team work, each one need one another.

Late that day we quit Cartago to got back to El Jardin Sagrado in Orosi Valley, about one hour bus ride. All of us were happy to have a meal waiting for us, after a long tiring day; but with so many blessings to share at Supper time. This first day of ministry in Costa Rica, I would not trade it for whatever in life!

Written from my Cozy calendar: Gave four Bibles, one book “The Stranger” to the Pastor, help three Evangelists how to use the Wordless Book. Kept a minimal level of conversation with some Christians. .

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