Wednesday January 23, 2013

We didn’t visit any church that day. It is a time to catch up our breath and re-organize the different ministries for the next church. So most of the people work during the morning, then walk to the village the afternoon. The young people also went back to the village after supper for some ice cream. I work on the sermon I would deliver this coming Sunday at Tapanti church. Walking to the village, crossing the suspended brige,  was a very interesting experience. On my way I meet a man that was a cabinet maker. I told him that one of my sons share the same trade he does. I wish that I could communicate more with him, but the language barrier can on some occasion be frustrating. I personally enjoyed having the day off in the mid of the week. During the evening we went shopping at the Orosi general store.

The devotion I shared that day was “You got to believe that God does everything well.” It was based on a message I heard a few months previously. It is easy to believe when it goes well, but when time are difficult, it is a greater challenge.

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