Friday, February 01, 2013

Time is running too fast, already February. How do we say that in Spanish? Oh let me see in my Index cards <Febrero>. In three days we will fly back home. God, you know how I am not ready for that, my heart does not want to hear it. Dear Lord, please as you close the walk of Israel when they cross the Red sea, come close my door from here.

Then the Angel of God, who was going in front of the Israelite forces, moved and went behind them”(Exodus 14:19).

I am so profoundly attached to this place, and it’s people. Also I love to see what God is doing here. I feel like it’s home; maybe at birth God delivered me at the wrong location.

Today is a day that I prayed a lot about. I have the responsibility to bring a message in a prison. Never did that before, don’t want to offend anyone. Milton is so happy that I am going there for the guys. He is like a ‘God-send’ angel for me. I don’t say that Milton is an angel, but he certainly encourages me. Probably he don’t even realized it. This is the day! At the entrance door, we have to give our Passport, then a police check. It does take some time, but it is all very cordial. Then we are assigned a building to install the Medical Team. Slowly the inmates start to come for a consultation. There I met three pastors who faithfully come every Friday. We get acquainted, exchange some ideas, and do some timid moved toward some of the guys. I am surprised by how many profess to be Christians. In fact some have a very powerful salvation testimony. After lunch it’s time for church service. We gather in a gym, the head pastor starts the service, then another pastor take charge of the singing. Wow! I am impressed to hear them singing with all their heart. One word: powerful! Then my turn. Suzy (she’s Mexican) is my translator; she is a great warrior of the Lord. What took place will stay with me for the rest of my life. The Power of God Spirit came over me and gave me such freedom, joy, and assurance in delivering the message. I never preach with so much anointing! I just loved it. Feel like 15 years younger. Imagine the scenario, a French preacher, talking in English, translated in Spanish, and they understood and responded very positively. That is God doing the IMPOSSIBLE. He did not call me to do great things for Him, but to do the impossible. So the glory can go only one direction UPWARD. After the service many men came to greet me and some hug me. I could feel their heart beating and saying that they loved me. What an intense experience it has been! God poured much love for them; I can truly say that I love them and will miss them. A day that I feared in some way, but a day that God bless lavishly.

 On our way back, some dear American friends had to stop to McDonald for their burgers & fries. If that can contribute to their happiness, well I am ok with that. We certainly had a lot of stories to share about what God did during that day.

Back at the camp that night it was “Rally in the Valley”. What a dynamic rally! Latino can be very upbeat people; you have to be there to understand what I say. That night I also had such a good talk with Aaron who will soon serve at El Jardin Sagrado. Aaron and I am so different (age, style, taste, etc.) yet at the same time so close one another. It is amazing, I never thought possible. Only God can do something like that. Aaron (with God) really opens my horizon, and help me understand many things. Who knows, maybe one day we might work together in Costa Rica. One thing is guaranteed, for eternity we will be together. Will he still have is many tattoos in heaven? Only God can tell.