“Our plan B are often God’s plan A”

At the beginning of my trip in Costa Rica, my blood pressure went quit high. As a result I had to cancel a few engagements, modify my medicine prescription, and rest! When you are away from home, very easily we can become concern. After you’ve been praying and planning, and not able to achieve your goals can be frustrating! But we need to remember that God in His sovereignty had already everything under control. To begin with I must admit that the health system here in Costa Rica is really good. What surprises me the most is how the doctor treats you; I didn’t feel like a case number, but a person. Dr. Salgado truly cares for their patient.

So how did God manifest His sovereignty? Well-being in a Bible school environment, you take for granted that most people would have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus. But that’s not the case! Suddenly in the midst of a group of wonderful young people, there was a young 18 years old German young man. We invited him to go come joint the group in the living room. After introducing each other, the conversation rapidly turn about the person of Jesus. He shared that he came from a Protestant background family, but that he moved to become a Humanist instead. Frederic (fictive name) obviously didn’t seem to have a personal walk with the Lord Jesus; but was a very delightful person.   The discussion was respectful yet very open; Frederic had very intelligent and honest questions about Christ. We’ve made certain that it was more about a relationship with Jesus than simply observing religious rituals.

In his book ‘Show and Then Tell: Presenting the Gospel through Daily Encounters’ Kent Humphreys comment that, “He (God) placed you where you are and He knows why He put you in that place”. That helps me accept my limitations and understood that God kept me from traveling to my appointments, because He had plan a time for me to have time with that young German man. I could easily be upset! Yet, instead it is so encouraging to see God’s hand leading our life in so many details, details that we don’t always understand. Lately I read that <Our plan ‘B’ our often God’s plan ‘A’.> Is in it good news?

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