Our Weekend in Guapiles Costa Rica

Guapiles is a tropical town is located in the province of Limon. It is located on the Caribe side of Costa Rica. Being tropical it is much warmer and humid compare to the high altitude location of San José (the capital), or the Orosi valley. Ginette and I were invited by a local pastor to visit and help this newly started local church (about two years). The weekend was ‘busy’ but fruitful and full of God’s blessings. As the guest speaker, I was involved in two main events; bringing a gospel message at the Youth Rally and Sunday preaching. What a blessing to see a young man of 18 and a young girl of 7 years old responding to the invitation to receive Jesus as their personal Savior. 

On Sunday morning, about 95 people, including then children, were present. Church service lasted only two hours, instead of three, as usual. God moved in the life of the people. After service, a middle age business man came crying asking prayer for his adult daughter that doesn’t follow the Lord presently. Pastor José and is wonderful family, and this church will remain very closed to my heart. I would not be surprised that God would call me back to visit them again.

After Church we were invited into Don Cambronero’s house; there we tasted some very typical Tico’s meal. I also learned that coo water is very good to lower high blood pressure. Costa Rican are very joyful people, probably the happiest in the world. We will certainly miss these great brothers and sisters in the Lord. But thank God that for all eternity we will live together in heaven.

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