Unplanned Situations

In my last post I shared that “God uses both planned and totally unplanned situations to bring people to Himself. We just have to be sensitive to what God is doing and to what part He wants us to play in His plans.”  I do not say that it is easy, we normally like to keep things organized and under control. Learning to be sensitive to what God is doing is a learning process.

Today I had to go all by myself to the pharmacy by bus. This seem a rather simple process in our own country, but when the country you are visiting is not speaking your own language, it could be a challenge. On my way back, walking in a narrow street, I meet two men. The youngest one was in need of a walker. So I stop to have time with them, using my extreme limited Spanish, I ask him what happened. He explain that he got shoot four years ago. I notice that he had some tattoos, one of them was a face representing Jesus. At first I ask him to explain the meaning of the other tattoos; then I focus on the one representing the face of Christ. I told him the importance of trusting Jesus as Savior. I wish that I could go explain the gospel in more details using the Wordless Book, but my limited Spanish did not allow me.

That unplanned situation was a highlight in my day!  A good friend of mine gave me a very timely Bible for this trip; it is called “The Traveler’s Devotional Bible”. In Mark chapter 2 the author ask this question, What will it take for Jesus to get you to get going?


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