Man proposes, but God disposes

Mortals make elaborate plans, but God has the last word.” Proverbs 16:1IMG_1207costa rica flag 2

Prophet Jeremiah used different words to communicate the same idea, “O Lord, I know that the way humans act is not under their control. Humans do not direct their steps as they walk.” (Jeremiah 10:23)

On July 8 we finally arrived to Costa Rica!  But, “my” nice elaborate plans weren’t working as schedule. The morning schedule for departure, my blood pressure went way up! I was starting to question if it was wise to fly that day. I never before experienced such problem.  But, by faith, we believed that God lead us so far in this trip; so we got aboard the plane. To be honest, it was not with some concern. We finally made it to San Jose; what a joy to be received by our youngest daughter Ruth and her wonderful friends from Torchbearers Bible School.

After relaxing a few days, because how I felt and because a Tropical storm taking place in the Caribe side of Costa Rica, it became obvious that I couldn’t keep my first engagement, it has to be postponed. I feel sorry for Pastor Jose and all the trouble he went to received us. Ginette had a sewing class booked and I was responsible to train Christian’s on how to do street evangelism and peach that Sunday.

The following Monday I was directed to a medical clinic called “Jerusalem Hospital”. Dr. Salgado took such a good care; he is a pleasant man, able to communicate in English. New medications were prescribed, and time to relax in the beautiful environment of Portantorchas. (

What do you do when a project doesn’t go the way “you” had plane? Well a person could panic, or better, learn to trust God.  In his book Show and Then Tell: Presenting the Gospel through Daily Encounters, Kent Humphreys said “God uses both planned and totally unplanned situations to bring people to Himself (serendipity). We just have to be sensitive to what God is doing and to what part He wants us to play in His plans.”

Tomorrow, Lord willing, I will share more about amazing encounters God allow me to experience in Costa Rica.

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