After two years of silence I am back!

Opening my Facebook this morning was a “see your memories” of 3 years ago”. The picture was taken during my last mission trip in Costa Rica. Joining was my dear wife Ginette, youngest son Brian, dear Tico fiend Arturo and I. So much took place in my life the last two years; moving, updating the house we bought, finding new friends, etc. that kept me away from my Blog page. Many times my heart wanted to get back and visit dear Ticos friends (that’s how Costa Rican call themselves), but the door was always closed. Lately the door is open.  With my oldest son Pierre Paul we will fly this October. I met Pastor Jose Gutiérrez during my last trip and a beautiful work is taking place. Jose planted this local church about nine years ago, the work is now flourishing.  On Jose invitation, Pierre will use his craftsman skill to help build some kitchen and bathrooms cabinets, and some portable walls for the Sunday school classes. I will be the main speaker for the first Mission Conference that ‘Templo Bautista Biblico’ (Baptist Church) will host. We certainly would appreciate your prayers. If you would like to know more about the project don’t hesitate to ask.

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