I hope that you will enjoy this great devotional from Vance Havner in his book ‘Consider Jesus’.

“… there is much rubbish.” Neh. 4:10
At was another device of Satan to stop the building of Jerusalem’s wall. Outside opposition had failed so he started boring from within. The burden bearers were weary and so much rubbish had accumulated that they grew discouraged.
If you are building a life upon the one foundation, Jesus Christ, you will face the problem of rubbish. You cannot build a house without the accumulation of odds and ends, broken pieces, waste material that must be destroyed; nor will you build a life without the rubbish of mistakes, wrong calculations, the inevitable odds and ends that result from our weaknesses and limitations The devil would point to all these and break down your spirit. But you will save much trouble if you learn to expect some rubbish and, in spite of errors, go right on with the building. We do not exonerate the rubbish; we merely recognize it and keep hammering away, forgetting the things behind.
Many a minister has broken down because he had to work with such faulty helpers in the church, so many mistakes were made, so much time and money were unwisely used, that the rubbish and weariness overwhelmed him. But there are no perfect churches nor deacons nor choirs this side of heaven, so a little of Nehemiah’s wisdom is sorely needed. Our Lord had to work with most discouraging disciples. There was much rubbish. One betrayed, another denied him. But he built his wall!

2017 Costa Rica Mission Trip

“And a vision appeared to Paul in the night: a man of Macedonia was standing there, urging him and saying, ‘Come over to Macedonia and help us.’ And when Paul had seen the vision, immediately we sought to go on into Macedonia, concluding that God had called us to preach the gospel to them.” Acts 16:9-10
‘Hagalo ya’…Do it now!
‘Hagaloya’ is a Spanish word that means ‘Do it now’. ‘Hagaloya’ seems to resonate in Paul’s ears.
Scripture describes him as a man of action, sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit. “Christ’s love controls us.” 2 Co 5:14
My son Pierre and I are so glad for the open door God allow this coming fall to go help physically and spiritually this Baptist church. Pastor Jose wrote “Our congregation is currently averaging 125, we just baptized our last six new converts… This brings joy to the leaders since the vision for our church planting (2013) has been since the beginning to witness to our community with the Gospel of salvation and to edify our new believers so we all become fully developed disciples of Jesus Christ.”
Pierre will help building some Sunday school classrooms as well as cabinets for the restrooms and kitchen area. I will be their main speaker for the church first Missions Conference in October.
Pierre and I realize that alone we cannot do it. We invite you to be part of the Team. Your prayers and financial support will help us achieve the goals.
How you can help:
• First and foremost is prayer; this is God’s work and God’s work always starts with prayer.
• Since there are some costs involved for the construction and travel, your financial involvement is also very important.
For a tax deductible receipt, financial contributions should be sent in the name of
Purdy Community Church
13 Centreview Rd,
Cumbermere, ON K0J 1J0 Purdy Community Church
B/N 1075606691 RR 0001
Please don’t forget to indicate on the cheque “Costa Rica construction project”.
Pierre Paul Gaucher
Cell 343-364-8477
John (Jean) Gaucher
Cell 705-262-6331

John O Gaucher M.A.
Pierre Paul Gaucher E.T.