Tuesday, January 29, 2013

p>Time is running too fast! Only a few more days before packing back to Canada. I really don’t feel ready to go back home, because I just love it so much here. I love the place, the people, what I am doing, and o course the agreeable weather. People are respectful to my person, and the work I do. I am starting to become more used to the language, sometimes I am even surprised to understand a few words here and there. I feel more confident when I approach people; animated with one desire, to see then responding to the Gospel invitation. It is why am’ I here! I most confess that I am starting to really delight in what I am doing. What a remarkable privilege to serve here in this attractive country. I think I wouldn’t have any trouble living here for the rest of my life. A man who previously received Jesus, came and asked me to go chat with his sick brother. What do you say to a man who is bipolar! I ask Javier if he could translate for me; and ask God to help detect what to say! Nervously I prayed for him. Not sure I did a good job, God know’s. What I can say, it wasn’t easy.

At the end of the day, I wanted to see Dr. Longworth and have some private time with him. Outside the building near his car, I told him that in the mid-eighties I went to Kandi in Bénin to replace a missionary by the name Jim Longworth. To my stupefaction he answer me that Jim was his brother. What a small world!

Before closing this day, I need to add another interesting encounter that took place. There near the pharmacie was a father who was waiting with is three children. While speaking with him, I notice that he had some Biblical knowledge. At the beginning he was a little distant, but progressively a spiritual interest seemed to resurface. Gradually we were able to re-examine various points of the Gospel. Then I realized that he was a born again believer. So I redirect the conversation on how to have an insurance of his salvation. That give the impression to bring some consolation to his heart. What we must understand is, when we meet a person we never know were that person stand in respect to God. Some might be ready to receive Him as their personal Saviour, other are more agnostic toward Him, many would just have no interest at all at hat point of their life. No meeting will ever be the same, so it is vital to depend on the leading of the Holy Spirit.

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