Thursday, January 31, 2013

Another beautiful day in the Orosi Valley. The 2013 GOM Team is located at the mission station called El Jardin Sagrado. It took me some time to memorize the name. I like to wake up early, have my Bible reading outside, and enjoy the unbeatable taste of the Costa Rico coffee. Flowers on many trees, banana trees, exotic plants, the gentle noise of a nearby river. For more information on the region you could to . Two other brothers Stanley and Fred were also early birds. Each morning I could hear them praying and praising Our amazing Creator and Saviour. They were waiting for Cookie behind the kitchen, there they shared Bible verses, Cookie in Spanish, the brothers in English. That’s the way they communicated; it is amazing the power the Bible as to unite people of different languages and background. Without the Bible these three men would never met and enjoy each other. That’s one additional reason why I love so much the Bible can do. I was always looking forward to see my dear friend Milton (bus driver). He helped me learn Spanish; and is joyful spirit was good for me. I truly miss you Milton, hope to see you one of those days. The day was quiet in the church. The local pastor was a serious type of man; he had dressed a table and made sure that everyone would hear the Gospel. That morning something stimulating took place, as I was waiting I felt a lot God’s presence. Later I heard a sister from the Team telling me that she did pray for me; I immediately ask her “When”. That as exactly the moment she did pray for me. I would like to share this quote from the book, “Principle of Effective Prayer”.
Prayer is the most…Wonderful privilege. Sacred duty. Precious rights. Simple activity. Powerful weapon. Mysterious blessing.
God has given to His children

The day was very different than yesterday; and I am thankful to the Lord. Because yesterday had been a demanding day emotionally; we carry a treasure in us (2 Cor.6:6), but our body is also very weak. I tried to reach out to two teens with a young man who knew English, but their body language was shouting ‘not interest’. Then I had a conversation with that young ‘Christian’ man, only to learn that he was disillusioned with the churches, so he decided to be an agnostic. It is so important for us Christians, especially those in a Leadership position to always be filled with the Holy Spirit and to behave with humility. I remembered that Isaac’s father mention that he wanted to come to the medical clinic, so I ask Isaac were was the father. Not too long after his father came, so I ask him how he was today, check if he remember the story about the Wordless Book, he did (that was encouraging). Then I invite him to go to the clinic, but he declines. I wonder why, why not take advantage of a free consultation. Since it is a small town were everyone know each other, maybe also because of a damage reputation; maybe he didn’t want to face the crowd. So I ask him, if I went with him would he come to the clinic. Without hesitation he answer ‘yes’; so we went. Then something very interesting happens; one of the two teen that was the least interested in my story, came and sat right beside Isaac father and told me that he was a friend of the family. He introduces himself, and try hard to establish a relationship. There are times where we have to ‘declare’ the Gospel, and in other time where we have to ‘demonstrate’ the Gospel. This was a proof that it was the time to demonstrate love to a man who is precious in God eyes, enough valuable to send His own son to die for Gerardo Francisco. I read his morning in my devotion this word, “God who is impassioned for His people and who ultimately sends His Son to die for them so that they can be saved from themselves.”
Oh! How I wish I could communicate better in Spanish, so I could connect with Lennin. I need to improve my Spanish to be better next opportunity God gave me. So, I sat beside Isaac’ father for about 1 1/2 hours without any conversation, people of the village looking at us, yet I was so happy to do this for Isaac. God loves that man way more than I do. That same God love you too.
That evening I went back to El Jardin with a heart fill with gratefulness to God, for allowing me to be there in Costa Rica and experience such a moment.

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