The Breakdown Moment

The risk factor is very present in life. Surveys ask a question to elderly people “if you could go back what you would do differently?” One answer that came over and over was “I would take more risk.” What keep us to risk more? This morning on Facebook I read the remark from a dear friend, in her 2013 Scrapbook she mention what a blessed life she had in 2013. She quoted Iyanla Vanzant meditation called “the breakdown moment.”

“There are always rick related with every important decisions in life. I am to the point where I must make important decision and there is always risk related.  Each of us faces a moment in our lives called “the breakdown moment.” This is the time when you must stand toe to toe, eyeball to eyeball, with the very thing you have tried desperately to avoid. In that moment, when there is nothing standing between you and the thing you fear the most, you will be forced to step into your greatness, because that is what life is demanding of you.

Susan Gorman comments to her blog was also very rich, “When you’ve come to the edge of all you’ve known and are about to step into darkness, one of two things will happen: either there will be something solid for you to stand on or you will be taught to fly.”

I am at that “breaking moment” in my own life, and to take the easy path is very tempting, but is it the best path? I want to make a decision that when I will back I will be able to say “what a blessed life I had in 2014”.