Drawn to the Flame: Loving the Dangerous God

From son-in-law pen!

No Longer Be Children

I concluded my previous post with the following interpretation of Proverbs 9:10:

In this world, the most crucial, the most important, the most central, the most vital point to know is this: you must fear God. Why? Because He is dangerous.

Until you know that, you do not know anything in this strange new world of the Bible.

As I had been discussing in that post, this realization comes out of a greatly different view of God that I had been used to holding. It comes out of my long and difficult journey to really understand the Fear of the Lord – and I do not say that I have yet attained to it!

But as true and Biblical as the above statement is, I believe that it has the potential to really shake someone’s faith, and confuse them about God. “Exactly what sort of a God is this? Is…

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