Out of fire!

Not long ago, a 20 years old man who works at an open pit gold mine shared that amazing story. As he was busy driving heavy equipment, he unexpectedly saw a co-worker in serious trouble. Many of us are not familiar with heavy equipment, so we need a word of explanation, the driver seat are directly above the front wheels. Let’s get back to our story, when the 20 years old man saw some flames coming out of the overheat front brakes, he realized that his co-worker was in a dangerous condition. The flame keeps the driver confine inside his cabin. The flames were too high for him to get out.  Swiftly our young heroes took a fire extinguisher, ran to the truck, stop the fire, and help the workmate get out of the vehicle.  Later that day, at a meeting session, the boss thanks the young brave man for his alertness and boldness. That young man told me how deeply touched he felt at that moment, realizing how he has been instrumental in saving a life.

In a similar way, believers in the Lord Jesus are called to be alert and bold. We read in Jude 23 to ‘save others by snatching them from the fire ⌊of hell⌋’.  Our young heroes didn’t ask his co-worker if he wanted any help, in a bold action he just got him out of the flames. As believers we are called to also make some bold action.

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