Hearing God’s Voice

Work, work! Finally the Research paper is completed. If it is accepted, this mean graduation. Study mix with a busy schedule if not always easy. To the young people, do as much of your study when you are young, because life becomes more and more busy as we advance in life. It felt so good when the last word was written. After creating this wonderful world, God stop and ponder the result of His work. A closer illustration for us would be a contractor that delight looking at the house he just finishes after months of firm work. Did the Omnipotent God ( all powerful ) need to rest? Was He exhausted? Obviously not, otherwise He would not be God. He simply stops to look and enjoy His work. Let’s keep in mind that it took place before the Fall on men. The world was still a perfect place, like a clean house before young children come in with dirty feet. Then God turns to speak with Adam. Imagine the honor of having a conversation with the Creator! What God told Adam is astonishing. At this point I will let one of my favorite authors answer, “When God put Adam and Eve in the garden, He did not put them there to sit and look at each other and to hold hands. He said they were to take care of the garden. You remember that—they were given something to do. Some people believe that work is a result of the curse, but that’s not true. The idea is abroad that the man who works is a dupe, and that work is only for fools—but God made us to work.” A.W. Tozer, Wise Words with a Prophetic Edge.
Let’s close our time with these stories
An Indiana pastor during seminary days, said to a farmer, “You should slow down and stop working so hard.” He replied, “Now, preacher, I have worked with farm machinery all my life. I know that it will rust out quicker than it will wear out.
In Oklahoma City I knew a man who worked hard right up to the end of his life. As a matter of fact, he spent the last day of his life in his office and attended two Chambers of Commerce meetings addressing community projects. That night he died in his sleep at the age of one hundred and five! Like the Indiana farmer and his machinery, this man knew that the body will rust out sooner than it will wear out.